House Approves D.C. Statehood Bill, But It Faces GOP Senate…

by akoloy

A invoice to make the the District of Columbia the 51st state cleared the House of Representatives on Thursday, however it faces a serious impediment within the Senate with its 60-vote threshold.

Still, supporters of the trouble imagine that the concept of statehood for the District, which has the motto “Taxation without representation,” is farther alongside than in any earlier efforts.

The House handed the invoice, 216-208, with no Republicans voting for it.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer pledged to attempt to push ahead the laws. “D.C. statehood is an idea whose time has come,” he mentioned in a ground speech.

The Republican opposition has diverse, however Schumer complained that “the far right, the hard right which seems to be so dominant in the party on the other side, is so afraid of losing political power—and so unwilling to appeal to anyone that doesn’t already agree with them—that their strategy has become to restrict voting rights and deny equal representation in Congress to hundreds of thousands of Americans.”

The district has nearly 700,000 residents. Since the ratification of the twenty third Amendment in 1961, it has been represented in presidential elections, with its three electoral votes going to Democrats each cycle since then. But the district’s senators and one consultant would not have congressional voting rights.

The new state could be named Washington, Douglass Commonwealth, honoring George Washington and Frederick Douglass, whereas earlier efforts have referred to the brand new state as New Columbia. The House handed a statehood invoice final yr, however it stalled within the Senate, then managed by Republicans.


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